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 All AJ Staff

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Staff Manager

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PostSubject: All AJ Staff   All AJ Staff Empty2009-03-24, 1:57 pm


People have asked me, who are the staff here on AngJess, well, here they are.
This thread will be stickied and updated regularly when staff resign or are accepted to the team. If you have problems contact the correct person on the job.

Ange - Acting Staff Manager
Fuzz - Acting Graphics Manager
Steph - Forum Manager
Emma - Site Manager/Temp. Radio Manager

Sean - Super Moderator
Mason - Moderator

Ange - Graphics Manager
Steph - Graphic Designer

Gavin - Radio DJ

Jess - Inactive Management

Remember we will have some opportunities for people to become staff for whatever you like. As well as that, you may get the chance for moderator which will be picked by us. There will be more jobs available once the site grows more. Remember there is a Suggestions section on the forums in case you have some ideas for a better forum.

Anyways, let's enjoy how it is for now.


Staff Manager,
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All AJ Staff
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