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Radio 2akcldh

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Radio Empty
PostSubject: Radio   Radio Empty2009-04-05, 8:39 am

Heya All,

I'm not if anyone has seen, but I added a radio button : ). The link to the radio site is http://angjess.listen2myradio.com/ , for those that want to know the address.

Well I was basically a little bored and felt like having a radio station on my site and here it is. weoo! Though it would rarely be on, unless if I can be bothered streaming. I might DJ once and or so I guess ; ).

The link above on the menu bar still need to have a image as you can see. I will be talking to Angela about this so don't worry.

Oh, I will try find a way so I can make the radio link onto the board itself so we don't need people to search up and down for the radio. When going to the radio station on the left hand side there's a chat are, basically do your shoutouts and requests there.

Anyways, enjoy of my happiness and joy, haha!

Enjoy the radio, hopefully we can leave it on as much as possible.


Staff Manager,
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