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Goodbye website, goodbye Arcade, HELLO new look 2akcldh

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 Goodbye website, goodbye Arcade, HELLO new look

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Goodbye website, goodbye Arcade, HELLO new look Empty
PostSubject: Goodbye website, goodbye Arcade, HELLO new look   Goodbye website, goodbye Arcade, HELLO new look Empty2009-05-24, 11:42 am


The bad news is as the owner of the forums, I have decided to remove the Arcade forums as there are rarely any members using it. There will be a poll out later in the season in case you would like it back again. It would be out around end of June so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Also, I have removed the www.angjess.webs.com site. This is because it took a lot of effort running and with the lack of Management staff doing it, it no longer exists. Don't worry, it didn't have much on it so no worries.

The goods though is, the AngJess forums will still be running. So remember to keep posting on the forums. I have decided that since Winter is quite near I guess we should start putting up the Winter background. This would only be until end of June which a new Winter background will be given as one always gets boring after a while right? The background of the forum categories would be changed real soon so don't worry and a new banner would be up soon o.o
Can't wait to see that!

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Goodbye website, goodbye Arcade, HELLO new look
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