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AJ Forum Rules 16/7/09 2akcldh

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 AJ Forum Rules 16/7/09

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AJ Forum Rules 16/7/09 Empty
PostSubject: AJ Forum Rules 16/7/09   AJ Forum Rules 16/7/09 Empty2009-07-16, 9:40 am

1. It’s forbidden to give out personal information eg. Passwords, your location, phone number, email addresses etc.
2. It’s forbidden give away your account by either selling or trading.
3. It’s forbidden to use slander to harass other people.
4. Do not disrespect the opinion or their belief of another member. You are allowed to disagree but do not abuse.

5. Do not make off topic comments, aka spam.

6. Do not use racist words. Offensive and swear words will be filtered out, do not try and avoid them.
7. Do not talk of behalf of administrators and moderators.
8. Do not post threads in the wrong forum. If this does happen, report it with a reason.
9. Do not post inappropriate websites, videos or images.
10. Do not have large signature images that meant people must scroll down to the next post.
11. We would like people to join in discussions.
12. We would like people to post ideas and suggestions for the future.
13. We would like people to make friends.
14. We would like people to apply to applications that are currently open. Even if you don’t get the position, you had a chance.
15. We would like people to spread the love and the site around.

Staff Manager,
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AJ Forum Rules 16/7/09
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